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  Weifang Wulin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the world kite are - Weifang, founded in early 2008, focused on the wind to send spray technology and forest defense equipment R & D design; company set production and sales, complete sets of products, industry mechanization Program design, technical advice, technical services as one.
      Products cover agricultural plant protection, forestry fertilizer pest control, forest fire, dust in addition to haze, industrial dust, health and epidemic prevention, breeding kill, sanitation cleaning and other industries.
      The company has independent advanced technology, with independent research and development strength and completely independent intellectual property rights. Produced by the products, technology in the forefront of the domestic quality comparable to the developed national products, we are loyal to the robot conduct, to provide first-class quality, reasonable price, the highest cost-effective products.
      To sincerity of the world, the company and a number of enterprises have to send technology products, spray technology products supporting cooperation.
      We cooperate with the customer virtue, intentions and dealers and product users in good faith to win together, to win the quality.
      Since the creation of the company, in the "technology as the core, depending on the quality of the soul" of the corporate philosophy, is committed to research and development more secure, more efficient, more conducive to the protection of ecological environment products, to provide users with the most appropriate and most professional services The
      The company is divided into research and development, production, sales service three sections, currently has an annual output of 10,000 sets of production capacity, through the strict control of product quality, optimize the product form, has formed a perfect solution for different industries, products far Sales throughout the country and Southeast Asia, the customer to give a high evaluation; we carry the dream, has been working forward.