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Tractor 3-point PTO Driven Mist Sprayer



Tractor 3-point PTO Driven Mist Sprayer

Charis tractor PTO driven mist sprayer is our patented product, If works with tractor, driven by PTO shaft. Featuring with its compact design,the sprayer adopts imported nozzles ensuring very fine spray and a wide dispense. Compared with similar products, Our sprayers especially give a prominence to high efficiency and energy saving. Experiment shows the use can save 30%-50% of water and pesticide with same ratio mixture using our sprayers. With 1 meter drive above. It is well applied to rural area and complex terrains. Working in large area of croplands, the sprayer can reach coverage of 12-20 hectares per hour.


1.Matching with Tractor for large area spraying work, the sprayer features with long range, good penetration, uniform particle,high efficiency.

2. 3 point hitch with tractor, the spraying had adjustable angle of throw of 0-70°height adjustment.

3.Off precise spray with high usage of pesticide and water and pollution.

4.Adopted imported mist spray nozzles, long endurance and uniform spray.

5.Compact design,easy operation and maintenance, component is readily accessible.

6.Custom design is available.

Range of application:

1.Pest control operation operation for agriculture and forestry,city green belt, road sides, economic forest, and windbreaks etc.

2.Insect control mosquitoes(west Nile virus), Spray livestock ,livestock confinement.

3.Large areas disinfection and epidemic prevention after flood,fire and natural disaster, eliminate peculiar smell for public location.